Fused Glass Wave Vases and Bowls

Wave Vases 9"x14"- retail price $WVQ

These undulating fused  and slumped glass centerpieces are like small vignettes from the ocean or lake. Christie has devised innovative techniques for creating kelp like leaves and flowing scenes on these vases. She was a 3 time finalist and 2010 winner of a Niche Award for her glass Wave vases and Bowls.

Coral Wave Vases - retail price $WVQ

multi colored coral wave
Multi Coral Wave

tri Heron

Tri Heron


Angel Fish Wave

Angel Fish Wave



Shy Rayle

Shore Bird Wave

Shore Bird Wave

turtle wave

Turtle Coral Wave

Fish School Wave

Fish School Wave

Owl Fern Coral Wave

Owl/Songbird Vase

Frog Wave

Frog Coral Wave

Feather Wave

Feather Wave

Dolphin Wave
Dolphin Wave

Heron Head Vase

Tall and/or Large Coral Wave Vases - retail price $UVO

Tall Fish Wave

Tall Fish Wave

Baby Barn Owls

Baby Barn Owls

Small Coral Wave Bowls - retail price $ZXU

Small Wave

Small Coral Wave Bowl-9"X7"

Coral Wave Bowls -retail price $VVQ
Wave Bowl
Coral Wave Bowl 20"X9"

Double Coral Wave Bowls - $TVQ
Deep Wave
Double Coral Wave Bowl 1 16"X 09"

Tall Double Coral Wave Bowls - retail price $TVQ

Tall Doule Wave

Tall Double Coral Wave Bowl

"Inner Wave"